Haldimann H1 - Flying Central Tourbillon

A wrist watch – from the outside, traditional in every respect. This is apparent to everyone.

However, it may reveal more to those who care to take a closer look. Maybe it will tell the more perceptive observers where it breaks with all known traditions.


Haldimann H2 - Flying Resonance

It is truly a creation that did not previously exist. Almost like a flower which, with invisible inner power, develops a previously unknown beauty from its centre and then even forms a new bud, endowed with equal beauty, from that same centre. A concept of “resonance” that Mother Nature displays again and again.


Haldimann H3 - Flying Sculpture with Minuterepeater

The H3 brings with it a world-first, being the only wristwatch ever to possess a central flying tourbillon and a minute repeater.


Haldimann H8 - Flying Sculpture

The H8 is a watch without hands and therefore more — or should we say less — than a watch: it’s a sculpture.


Haldimann H9 - Reduction

How much watch do we need in order to be able to describe something as a watch?


Haldimann H11 - Central Balance Pure

In conclusion, the H11 can be seen as the counterpart of the H1. For, whereas the core of the H1 is virtually extrapolated over the dial, the H11 hides its inner life, only to reveal on the reverse a compact mi- crocosm clustered around the central balance. Only to the wearer himself shall this microcosm be accessible.




H101 Resonance Classic

This double regulator is equipped with two identical and independent precision movements, each with a seconds pendulum.


H101 Resonance Modern

The oscillations of two pendulums in resonance, but with a 180° phase shift, has a stabilizing effect on the timekeeping of both clocks.


Die Haldimann Hemmung

Beat Haldimann has united the simplicity of the Graham escapement with the precision of the Strasser escapement with this patented masterpiece.