Haldimann H9 - Reduction

How much watch do we need in order to be able to describe something as a watch?

Now, what happens when this information is missing, when the time continues to be measured, but not displayed? Can we still call this a watch? And if not, then what?

This borderline area of time measurement has held particular allure for Beat Haldimann for several years. The attraction has culminated in a wave of resonating inspiration, resulting in creations that philosophically and playfully, yet seriously, ask where the border is and what the relationship between the watch and time is. Beat Haldimann does this using his own demanding manner of craftsmanship and aesthetic.

In 2008, Haldimann presented his H8 to an astonished public. “Where are the hands?” was the question that some journalists and connoisseurs from all over the world directed at him - at times in a reproachful tone, at other times in sheer awe. The monotonous, eventempered passing of time - linear time - has taken over our way of being. Nonchalantly, the H8 stepped out of line and allowed us to take a look at our personal time. The removal of hands was worth the trouble, as the stage is then entirely dedicated to the grandiose tour- billon in the center. Justifiably, the H8 can well be described as a sculpture for the wrist.