When I close my eyes I can still see him in front of me: the master watchmaker who was my instructor. His loupe, hands, and lab coat remain vivid memories for me today. I spent my apprenticeship years in his wonderful workshop as a clock and watch repairer, learning how to restore new and old masterpieces.

Among this magnificent blend of art and technology, combining craftsmanship and intellect, I soon developed the ambition to create such masterpieces myself.

Design, manufacture, and production are all executed in our own workshop, which enables us to combine art, technology and quality at the highest level.

Haldimann clocks and watches are all individual and unique pieces. We can therefore consider all your ideas and suggestions when creating your very own timepiece.

The Haldimann family tradition reaches back to 1642. The original Haldimann creations of this era continue to give pleasure to customers all over the world. We look forward to welcoming you personally and answering any queries at our workshop or at Baselworld.