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Haldimann H1 - Flying Central Tourbillon

Outwardly, it is a traditional watch in every respect. That much, anyone can see. But it has a hidden side that it only shows to those who look closely. The side where it breaks with all traditions....

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Haldimann H2 - Flying Resonance

A creation the likes of which have never been seen before. Like a blossom unfurling, driven by an unseen force originating from its centre into previously unknown beauty, it blooms and then sends out a new shoot from the same...

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Haldimann H3 - Flying Sculpture with Minuterepeater

The H3 is a world first: it is the first wristwatch with a central flying tourbillon and a minute repeater. This work of art allows the magical melody of the two complications, two masterpieces of horology, to resonate with each...

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Haldimann H8 - Flying Sculpture

Connoisseurs immediately understand that the H8 is based on the H1. However, Beat Haldimann did so much more than just leave out the hands: Haldimann modified the case and galvanised the timeless dial within the four walls of his own...

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Haldimann H9 - Reduction

What if it conveys no information? What if it measures time, but never shows it? Is it still a watch? And if it is not a watch, then what is it?...

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Haldimann H11 - Central Balance Pure

You could describe the H11 as the opposite of the H1. Whereas in the H1, the inner workings of the watch dominated the centre of the dial, the H11 conceals its inner workings at the front and, instead, gathers them...

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Haldimann H13 - Time-Hora Wrist Edition

Cognitive aesthetics on the wrist! The wristwatch version of the time-hora is just as convincing as its big sister due to the fusion of object and mind. Another groundbreaking masterpiece of the art of watchmaking by Beat Haldimann, which gives...

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The Time-Hora

The Time-Hora symbolises the breath of time. A fusion of object and spirit....

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H101 Resonance Classic

Antide Janvier (1751–1855) and Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747–1823) built famous double regulators that achieved outstanding prices at auctions. One of these double regulators went to the French royal house (Louis XVIII) around 1817, and the other went to the English court...

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Haldimann Escapement

With this patented masterpiece, Beat Haldimann has combined the simplicity of Graham escapement with the precision of the Strasser escapement. This artisanal and conceptual reinterpretation or reimagining of an escapement marks a milestone in precision watchmaking....

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