H101 Resonance Classic

"The double regulator This double regulator incorporates two independent clocks, each with a seconds pendulum. These are two identical precision clocks with an excellent level of accuracy. If both clocks are started simultaneously, a mutual influence becomes apparent after some time. Both pendulums settle into swinging in opposite directions. This creates a stable oscillation pattern with a 180º phase shift (counter oscillation). It is as if the clocks have been synchronised by magic: there is no connection between the movements, the pendulums are simply mounted on the same suspension bracket. Fine adjustments are made by placing small weights on the pendulum trays. The pendulums always maintain their 180º phase shift pattern. The phenomenon of the stable, opposite movement of two pendulums has been known since Christian Huygens (1629–1695) wrote about it."

Antide Janvier (1751–1855) and Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747–1823) built famous double regulators that achieved outstanding prices at auctions. One of these double regulators went to the French royal house (Louis XVIII) around 1817, and the other went to the English court (George IV) in 1825. The precision of both clocks remains truly remarkable even today. Since then, no one succeeded in building double regulators, until the “H101”.

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