H101 Resonance Modern

The advantages of double regulators The resonant oscillation of the pendulums moving opposite to each other has a stabilising effect on both clocks. This type of oscillation conserves the energy of both pendulums, because much less energy is transferred to the pendulum suspension compared with when there is only one pendulum or two pendulums moving in unison. The opposite movement of the pendulums is also very useful if any vibrations (disturbances from outside) are transmitted through the wall, because the vibrations will accelerate one pendulum and decelerate the other to the same extent. In this way, the double regulator compensates for disturbances caused by vibrations. The same mechanism also compensates for any drift caused by different manufacturing tolerances in each of the movements.

Why we made it We have long been fascinated by double regulators, rare though they are. We created a double regulator so that we could experience the double regulator phenomenon for ourselves. The movement, structure and case are the company’s own designs, as with all other creations made by Haldimann Horology.

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