Haldimann H11 - Central Balance Pure

You could describe the H11 as the opposite of the H1. Whereas in the H1, the inner workings of the watch dominated the centre of the dial, the H11 conceals its inner workings at the front and, instead, gathers them at the back as a kind of compact microcosm centred around the central balance. This microcosm is only accessible to the wearer. If the wearer takes the H11 off their wrist to lose themselves in the playful workings of the central balance, after a while they will become aware of the level below it. There, in the close embrace of the balance, the escape wheel, the second wheel, the minute wheel and the hour wheel spin in time with the exposed lever.

It is hard to say which aspect is more alluring: the impulsive play of the central balance with its surrounding wheels or the soothing, almost hypnotising gait of the unique hands on the elegant dial. The H11 shows two sides of time: measured time and the passing of time—and it does so more beautifully than any other Haldimann watch before it. The H11 features a discreet detail designed to emphasise the equivalence of these two sides: the movement plate and the dial have exactly the same finish.