Haldimann H13 - Time-Hora Wrist Edition

Cognitive aesthetics on the wrist! The wristwatch version of the time-hora is just as convincing as its big sister due to the fusion of object and mind. Another groundbreaking masterpiece of the art of watchmaking by Beat Haldimann, which gives time a perspective on the wrist as well. The fantastic characteristics of the H13 are identical to those of the H51 sculpture, the Time Clock, with the exception of the oscillating system, and are described in detail there. In particular, in the H13 the incomparable Central Balance of the H11, at that time a world first, substitutes the functionality of the resonating double pendulum of the Time Clock. The balance spiral system of the balance wheel located in the center of the H13 and the resonating double pendulum of the H51 thus both embody a metaphor for the breathing of time. The H13 is considered the first wristwatch with a culture-dependent dial and, like the time-hora, is available in four models (Occident, Orient, Asian, Universe).

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