H101 Resonance Modern

The advantage of douple regulatores

The oscillations of two pendulums in resonance, but with a 180° phase shift, has a stabilizing effect on the timekeeping of both clocks: there is a conservation of energy between the two pendulums because losses caused by movement of the suspension which may occur with a single pendulum or two pendulums in phase are reduced.

Vibrations transmitted through the wall are compensated between the two pendulums since any acceleration of one pendulum is compensated by the deceleration of the other one.

Possible rate disturbances of each movement are also reduced.

Our motivation

We have always been interested in and fascinated by these rare double regulators. As we wished to experience the phenomenon of two pendulums in resonance, we were motivated to construct such a clock, using modern methods and materials. The movement, its mounting and the aluminium case are our own design, as are all the other creations executed in our workshops.