Haldimann H8 - Flying Sculpture

The H8 is a watch without hands and therefore more — or should we say less — than a watch: it’s a sculpture.

Connoisseurs immediately understand that the H8 is based on the H1. However, Beat Haldimann did so much more than just leave out the hands: Haldimann modified the case and galvanised the timeless dial within the four walls of his own workshop. The case differs from the H1 in a sapphire crystal that has been domed much more, which necessitated a deeper bezel. This uncompromising layout allows the gracile tourbillon to seem to hover above the crystal. Its charming dance can be admired not just head-on, but at any angle up to 90 degrees. As a result, the observer is rewarded with a much more thorough tourbillon experience that is difficult to describe in precise words.